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What Is CB90X?
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Hello Internet Marketing Associate,

CB90X is a completely free system.


Go to any grocery store and there are people hired to stand there handing out free samples of select products right? They are not handing out free samples to be nice people unfortunately. They are handing them out so that you will get a taste of their product, and go on to purchase it.

Multi-Million Dollar Companies
Hand Out Free Samples All Day Long
To Make Money In the Long Run.

This concept is no different on the Internet. Free giveaways, especially of high perceived value have always been and always will be the best way to start building your own targeted customer list. It's also very common knowledge that having your own targeted email list is the #1 most profitable asset you can obtain online.

How do I know this specifically? Because I have been building targeted email lists for over 10 years and it's a part time position, with a very full time income. If you want to know more about me, click here.

Here's how this works, it's very simple

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You will start receiving the same lessons that you will be giving away to others for free!

Then I'll give you your own link to promote the CB90X system to others, as well as all the marketing tools you need in order to give away as many lessons as you wish.

When ever someone signs up through your link, they will receive all the CB90X Lessons with your affiliate links in them for over 30 different Affiliate Marketing products and services!

Pretty dang easy. Right?!? Ya, it is!

I'm basically allowing you to BRAND your name and affiliate links into lessons that I have personally written and done all the formatting and graphics work on.

Everyone knows branding works, and this is branding on steroids!

Get started RIGHT NOW because the sooner you do, the sooner you are going to see Clickbank commissions start appearing in your account.

All from giving something away for free.

There are two benefits to joining CB90X and both are included in your free 90 day membership.

  1. Build Your List.
    With CB90X, we allow you to refer others to this amazing free offer, and when we collect their data from signing up, we hand it back over to you to upload into your own autoresponder of choice.

  2. Make Money
    Each person you refer to CB90X will immediately begin to receive the free training on how to effectively market and earn commissions from the vast array of Clickbank products on their market place. (You will also receive this training for free when you sign up!) When we recommend a product or tool in the training, we will insert your affiliate link into the lesson so then when your referrals buy something, you will make the commission. Finally, when any of your referrals decides to upgrade their CB90X membership, you'll earn a residual commission on their monthly membership fees. However, if they decide not to continue on after 90 days, you will still have their email address to add to your own autoresponder.